Geoff Young - Funeral Director

Geoff Young

Geoff started his career in Funeral Directing in 2011 in Metro Detroit.  Having a desire to help people, he interviewed several local funeral directors to greater understand the importance of their role in their community.  One of those directors was kind enough to extend the opportunity to work in his funeral home and Geoff has been serving families since.

In Spring of 2021, Geoff and his wife, Kathryn, made the move to Iowa City.  The kindness of Iowans and the rolling beauty of the state was an instant draw and an easy choice for a new home.

When not serving families, Geoff enjoys spending time with Kathryn and their two dogs and cat; hiking in the surrounding parks, photography, gardening and working on the house.

“I am truly honored to be a part of the Iowa City community, and look to maintain the high standards of compassion and care that Gay and Ciha has established.”