Bijou Maliabo - Funeral Assistant

Bijou Maliabo

Bijou Maliabo joined our staff somewhat by accident as someone that could interpret a number of languages for persons in attendance at funeral services. Realizing the need and the compassion she had for others, Bijou joined Gay & Ciha and has continued to support the families we care for.

Bijou has been an outspoken community activist for more than seven years. She is well known as an advocate for immigrants and refugees across Iowa and has spent most of her waking hours serving Eastern Iowa in any way possible. Bijou’s passion for serving others has ushered her into leadership roles for several non-profit and social justice groups. She has also lent her professional ability to speak five languages to the school district, Iowa Human Services, the Johnson County court system, and multiple police departments in the area.

Bijou is deeply passionate about helping others and serves as a mentor for youth across the nation and abroad. She is eager to use her voice and employ her experience to empower others and inspire change by supporting others and giving back to the community.