Trappist Ceramic

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This beautifully crafted ceramic cremation urn, made by a potter friend of the monks, is hand thrown in the traditional manner on a potter’s wheel using high-fired stoneware clay. The urn and lid are trimmed and placed in a kiln for the first of two firings. Next, the pottery is painted with a lead-free glaze using an old world process that involves a series of specialized techniques and steps. Then it is returned to the kiln for the final 12-hour firing during which time the clay turns to stone. Thus, each Trappist Casket cremation urn reflects the enduring beauty of the earth and is designed to be a lasting tribute to the memory of the person whose ashes it will contain. Knowing that our urns are personally blessed by one of the monks is often a source of prayerful comfort and consolation to the bereaved.