Ashleigh Rensing

Obituary of Ashleigh Rebecca Rensing

Ashleigh Rebecca Rensing, daughter of Mike Rensing and Beverly Westfall, passed away in an automobile collision on the 28th of May 2021. Ashleigh will be deeply missed by her parents, her beloved grandfather Ron Westfall, Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Dave Olsen, Uncle Derrick and Aunt Kate Kritsch, Uncle Anson and Aunt Michelle Kritsch, Grandpa Denny and Grandma Cheryl Kritsch, as well as her cousin Seth. On her father’s side, she will be missed by her grandfather Mike Rensing, her grandmother Rebecca Keene, great uncles Mike (Linda) Baldwin and Martin (Roberta) Baldwin. She will be missed by family and friends too numerous to list in this obituary, but she will perhaps be missed the most by her twin brother Michael, with whom she had a special connection. Michael and Ashleigh were somehow able to fight like the worst of enemies, while simultaneously being each other’s best friend and protector. While Ashleigh’s family will miss her dearly, perhaps the greatest loss will be felt by the animal kingdom, and in particular the canine family. Ashleigh loved animals of all types and dreamed of being a veterinarian or a marine biologist. No matter if it was her favorite dogs, Baby and Dove, or her pet fish, or even her pet spider (yes, really, a pet spider!), she believed that all animals deserved love, care, and attention which she gave freely. She could often be found volunteering at the Iowa City Animal Shelter or browsing pet and fish stores planning for future adoptions. Her favorite animals were dogs and Ashleigh could name and account the history of any breed on sight. Her most important ‘bucket-list’ item was to “…own a hundred acres, so I could foster as many dogs as possible and give them all a loving home.” The animals of the world have truly lost a wonderful friend. As much as Ashleigh adored animals, she was no less kind to those who were not as fortunate as her and often volunteered at the North Liberty Food Pantry. Despite working only a part-time, minimum-wage job while going to high school, she unfailingly donated a tithe from every paycheck to her church. Ashleigh faced many trials and rough times in her short life, but her faith in God and belief that all people should be treated with kindness and respect never wavered. Ashleigh will also be missed by her friends and fellow students at North Liberty High School. She loved school and academics and could often be found competing with the Science Olympiad, participating in other academic clubs, and often obsessing over getting an A- instead of an A! Not confining herself to academics, Ashleigh was an eager art student and prolific artist. When it came to school, Ashleigh was determined, driven, smart, and was poised to do great things in the world after her graduation with the class of 2022. Unsatisfied with only graduating high school, Ashleigh also attended Kirkwood Community College and was on track to graduate with her associates degree alongside her high school diploma. Not content keeping busy with her family, animals, church, and school (seriously, Ash, stop and take a breath!), Ashleigh was also enlisted in the United States Air Force and requested to be assigned to the Air Force Intelligence service after her graduation from basic training at Lackland Air Force Base. She had moved on from her veterinary dreams and wanted to use her intelligence training to apply to the FBI Academy. She intended to pursue a career in computer and physical forensics so she could “…protect kids from the evil in the world.” When not involved in her many other activities, Ashleigh enjoyed gaming, reading, painting, and sculpting. Some of her favorite activities were camping, hunting, and fishing with her grandfather. As you read though this obituary, if you did not know Ashleigh, you might think of her as much older than she is. Ashleigh turned 18 only two weeks before she passed away and was only a junior in high school. Perhaps Ashleigh knew that she did not have many years, because she lived vigorously and accomplished more in those few years than some have over a lifetime. She was a rising star destined to make a difference; the world is less without her in it. We love you, Ashleigh, we are proud of you, and you will never be forgotten. Funeral services are planned for 10am Thursday, June 10, 2021, at the Parkview Church in Iowa City, with burial to follow at the Blaine Cemetery rural Swisher. Visitation will be from 4 to 7 pm Wednesday, June 9th at the church beginning with a parish vigil service at 3:30pm. To share a thought, memory or condolence please visit the funeral home website @ For those wishing to making memorial donations, you can leave your donations at the church on Wednesday or Thursday through the funeral home or you can mail them to the funeral home attn. to the family. No online donations are being accepted or encouraged. Funds received will be used to support causes near and dear to the family in memory of Ashleigh.