Rosalinda Stepanian

Obituary of Rosalinda Stepanian

Our beautiful, and loving Rosalinda (Rosie) Stepanian has entered into the Eternal Glory of her Creator, which was prepared beforehand for her from all eternity past. Now, truly, and completely, old things have passed away, and all things have become new for Rosie, in inexpressible, and unimaginable glory! Her husband, and their six children, all of whom she has preceded into God’s presence, eagerly await their entrance into the same glory, to be reunited with her, and to share this glory with her, in even greater, and unimaginable Christian love, purity, and exaltation, leaving these mortal bodies behind, even as Rosie has. Rosie was translated into glory on May 4th, 2022 in the arms of her husband of 36 years – Rosie was 66 years old. Rosie’s family will receive guests for visitation at the Gay and Chia Funeral Home in Iowa City on Friday, May 6, from 9am -3pm. Rosie was an ever-present, loving, and serving Christian wife, and mother, always with her family, with whom she could not be with enough, and for whom she could not serve enough. Rosie’s love, pleasure in, and commitment to her Savior Jesus Christ, to her husband, and to their six children was expressed in the giving of her body and life; to birth, to nurture, and to educate her six children in Christ, and to continue serving and nurturing them as Christian adults. Having glorified our Heavenly Father, and also having fulfilled her earthly stewardship from our Heavenly Father, Rosie was mercifully, and instantaneously translated into our God’s presence, where we are sure Rosie is enjoying that inexpressible glory!